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Here is some feedback from my students (Aug 2020) and reflections on Zoom Yoga during the pandemic ...

"Thank you for your wonderful yoga classes Orla. They are a welcome opportunity to stop and breathe and they always improve my mood. I especially love the poems you read during relaxation. "

"Grateful for your presence in my life, enjoy the poetry and the links to further yoga practice."

"Just to say thank you again for your ongoing support. The sense of connection & community through the classes has been invaluable through these times. Your gentle kind messages have also been lovely."

"I’ve enjoyed the class a lot and it’s been a valuable oasis of calm in these challenging times."

"The Zoom classes are great! Please keep them up. You have a gift for teaching, including on Zoom."

"Just a HUGE thank you for continuing yoga class throughout this crisis. It helps immensely with stress."

"The weekly yoga classes have become increasingly important to me over the last few months. They have brought relaxation and reflection time, and also a bit of routine into what for me has been a fairly unstructured time."


"Your class gave me a sense of belonging in an unfamiliar lonely time during lockdown."

"I've been impressed with online yoga much to my surprise. The visual aspect is slightly compromised, everyone is small and sometimes invisible but, still a connection is palpable. I sometimes use a scented candle or stick and love looking out to the garden. It's not been better or lesser just another very rewarding experience."

"I have very much enjoyed the zoom classes, so convenient, and love your style of teaching and class. "


"Normality is a paved road. It's comfortable to walk but no flowers grow."


Vincent Van Gogh

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