Making the Unconscious Conscious

Somatic Movement is, in essence, "Neuromuscular Re-education".


It is a safe, gentle and accessible mat based practice which addresses chronic muscle pain, free and efficient movement and body awareness. It involves simple movements, mostly lying quietly on the floor but also seated, standing and walking. In a Somatics class we learn to relax the muscles which have become chronically contracted over time e.g. due to stress, injury and repetitive activity. We focus not on the movements themselves but on the internal feelings of the movements and over time gain greater self-awareness, control and mastery.  

I came to Somatic Movement in 2018 via yoga & movement teacher, Jahna Clarke, and her course  "The Full Body Yawn". Always drawn to practices that are mindful and allow me to listen to my own body, I found her teachings to be profound and really effective at releasing deeply held physical & emotional tension. In fact, they reached parts that my yoga practice had never reached and I have been hooked ever since! For me, Somatics is the missing link; the need to more actively engage the brain and nervous system in our movement practice. It controls our movement after all. By slowing down and sensing within we can relearn how to move freely and find a joy of movement that we may have thought forever lost. 

I am currently training to be an Essential Somatics Movement Teacher, a process developed by Martha Peterson and informed by the pioneering work of Thomas Hanna PhD. Part 2 of my training continues into 2021 and I am currently offering small group classes to develop my new teaching skills. 

Please see the Classes page for current times. A free 1-2-1 class on Zoom is offered before beginning the weekly class. If you are curious, I would be delighted to hear from you. 

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"As we grow older, our bodies - and our lives - should continue to improve right up to the very end."

Thomas Hanna PhD