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Since 2015, writing and poetry has become a deep refuge for me and a source of real creative joy. Inspired by many self-published poets I have met along the way including Caren Gilbert, Margot Henderson and Lauri Bower, I published my first poetry pamphlet, Green Olivine, in 2019 and my my latest collection, My Magpie Mind, in 2022. My poetry is inspired by the stormy seas of life; parenting, marriage, mid-life, a changing world and also the solace of Nature especially the beautiful seas of our Scottish coast. Birthing these personal poetry collections has felt like such a gift in my life and I have been truly humbled by the interest in my poetry and gratitude expressed to me. Since beginning, my poetry has been published in Earth Pathways Diary, in two anthologies by Wee Sparrow Poetry Press and in our local loved Kinross Newsletter. 


In Magpie Mind, my words reflect the dark and light of my magpie mind, the challenges of mid-life and menopause but also my deep connection to Nature and spirit and my adventures into wild swimming in cold Scottish waters. Each pamphlet is individually stamped with a magpie designed together with dear friend and Fife linocut artist Kim Sullivan. The process of collaboration with Kim was such a joy! And will continue into my next pamphlet currently in this space. 

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300 Years


300 years from now

How will you be, my beloved

Baby steps, gentle steps

Value each one


Your ripples of kind intention

Infuse the Earth

They deserve your appreciation

And patience


Never doubt the power

Of walking a conscious life

Of planting seeds of compassion

Growing roots of care


Adopt the pace of an Oak tree

Allow your heart to

Blossom softly

Over years, decades



"A real treasure of words, of courageous, clear, true words. I loved the humanness that spoke through them, the relatable struggles ... the spaces between and connections, the longing for something other, the brief blessings of being in the midst of it all... beautiful. " K. Janson

"Hi Orla, I received your little book this morning and I L-O-V-E it! You remind me of Mary Oliver style poetry but it’s clear it’s intimately yours. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and observations please continue writing in this beautiful way." L. Gerletti

"I have enjoyed reading your Green Olivine poems. I almost feel I am “ with you or more deeply inside your whole being" when I read some of them- it’s strange in that it feels like me talking but I know it’s your words! There’s a deep resonance of feeling- I hope you continue to produce such lovely thought provoking words in this form." V. Oswald


“If you are lost, write. If you find yourself lost again, go back into your words until you are unlost. Your words are the most powerful sanctuary, and wisdom, you will ever find.”

Caren Gilbert

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