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The Art of Stopping

Here in our house we have all been feeling a bit disappointed with this cold snap we are having during the Easter school holidays. This time last year, despite the lockdown, we were sunning ourselves on the patio and eating ice lollies! It was a welcome respite from the restrictions. After a bit of resistance yesterday I relented, donned my winter coat, gloves & hat and went for a dander around the fields with the dog. I felt much refreshed afterwards and even found a sunny spot sheltered from the wind. It reminded me that so often my resistance to “what is” shuts down the possibilities for wonder, surprise and pleasure. When I found the sunny spot, I also noticed a tiny bubbling stream and was able to stop, let my dog play in the water and take it all in. That simple act of stopping was all I needed for my body and mind to return to a quiet place and connect with the peace & possibility of the present moment. So needed right now as we continue to surf the waves of this pandemic!

Yoga, mindful movement and meditation all provide us with a regular opportunity to stop, to step out of our habitual patterns of doing and achieving and return to our natural state of being. With movement we learn to slow down, tune in and listen to what our bodies are telling us. We learn to release held tension & discomfort and allow our breath to blossom with untold benefits. This then leads us into stillness where we can really relish the healing power of conscious relaxation and presence.

Class resume Monday 19th April. I hope that you can join me to practice the art of stopping together.

Namaste, Orla x

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