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What's happiness got to do with it?

What has our happiness got to do with the climate crisis? Surely other emotions are more appropriate like anger or remorse?

Because when we are happy we have enough.

That's worth repeating...

Because when we are happy we have enough.

There are many conditions for happiness available in this very moment, can you feel them?

I'm teaching Taste of Mindfulness at the moment. It's always a good opportunity to shine a warm light on some unhelpful habits that may be contributing to my own stress and unhappiness. One of those being eating my lunch while checking my phone...familiar?

Taking a leaf from teacher Mark William's "habit releasers", today I ate my lunch by candlelight and put my phone away (after taking this photo, I appreciate the irony!). Why a candle? It just helped to shake things up! To break the strong neural pathway of habit. Also, why not make lunch as sacred as seated meditation? It is, after all, a deep connection with the fruits of the Earth, a gift for our body and a daily opportunity to boost our happiness levels by cherishing our food.

The challenge now is to continue. It is said it takes 21 days to create a new habit. That takes me up to the 1st of December. Anyone up for joining me? My candle will stay at home on the table and I'm off to write a little reminder... Or invitation.

With a bow, Orla

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